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  1. Feb 2019
    1. Each participant is encouraged to switch between these pathsthroughout the MOOC as they see fit.

      love that there is a choice to switch back and forth, I'd be worried I made the wrong decision if I were locked in!

    2. This becomes important for all constituents bringing an outside perspective to theconference participants, giving those who do not have the means to travel a glimpse ofthe conference, and providing the conference organizers with a boost to online atten-tion and participation with the conference.

      Important point here that these live streamed events don't just benefit the people at home who were unable to attend the conference, but also help boost conference participation and visibility online.

    3. graduate students

      The graduate student stage in my journey was incredibly defining, and many of the concepts and themes I was exposed to there are still very present in my day to day work.