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  1. Sep 2017
  2. Mar 2016
    1. I ask Thee for a thoughtful love, Through constant watching wise, To meet the glad with joyful smiles, And to wipe the weeping eyes; And a heart at leisure from itself To soothe and sympathise.' ANON.

      Epigraph not included in Household words.

      It is the second verse of a hymn by Anna Laetitia Warren entitled "Father; I know that all my life."


    2. 'Learn to win a lady's faith Nobly, as the thing is high; Bravely, as for life and death— With a loyal gravity. Lead her from the festive boards, Point her to the starry skies, Guard her, by your truthful words, Pure from courtship's flatteries.' MRS. BROWNING.

      Epigraph not published in serial version in Household Words.

      Epigraph is from "The Lady's Yes"


    3. 'For joy or grief, for hope or fear, For all hereafter, as for here, In peace or strife, in storm or shine.' ANON.

      Not published in the first installment of Household Words.