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    1. Renegado

      "A person who deserts, betrays, or is disloyal to an organization, country, or set of principles; a turncoat, a traitor" (OED).

    2. Commonwealthsmen

      "good citizen, patriot"(OED).

    3. Harangue

      "A speech addressed to an assembly; a loud or vehement address, a tirade; formerly, sometimes, a formal or pompous speech" (OED).

    4. Alderman Draw−tooth

      Alderman meaning a man and "Draw-tooth" was in reference to the action of getting his teeth pulled.

    5. Portmantle

      "A case or bag for carrying clothing and other belongings when travelling; (originally) one of a form suitable for carrying on horseback," (OED).Portmantle

    6. Conclave of Cardinals

      "The place in which the Cardinals meet in private for the election of a Pope," (OED).

    7. Lanthorns

      Another way to spell lantern, mainly because the lanterns glass was made of boiled horns. Lanthorn