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  1. Sep 2023
    1. in this case someone who is under-appreciated and over-achieving and constantly feels disrespected.

      isn't that everyone I've read on here hahaha

  2. Oct 2022
    1. his escape to virtual reality afforded by an embedded earpiece, like a tiny, protective shell for some kind of inside-out hermit crab.

      Important to stick with this metaphor.

  3. Sep 2022
    1. The principal problem would seem to be that in present day economies, a great many luxuries and amusements, which properly belong in a secondary economy, are sold so as to acquire the necessities of life generated in the primary economy. There are artists and authors and musicians who earn their daily crust through their art. This means that it has become a matter of necessity for people to make and sell luxuries. And it never ought to be necessary to perform such unnecessary work.
    1. Play is thought of as the opposite of "work." Yet under the existing order play is officially allowed only children and the workers of play-as-spectacle, which is not play. It is reified through the professionalization of select people as "athletes," "artists" or "entertainers." These physical, creative activities are reserved for "professionals," who must sell the product of their "play" as spectacle.
    1. he can draw the things that are impossible to draw: fire, beams of light, thunderbolts, flashes and sheets of lightening, and the so-called clouds on the wall, feelings, attitudes, the mind revealed by the carriage of the body, almost the voice itself.  All this he can do just with lines in the right place, and those lines all black!

      Similarly, could extend to Citizen Kane.

    1. which is perhaps why a medieval monk, illuminating one capital letter for months, say, was living as full a life as Brother Busymitts, who rushed through a dozen in an hour.
    2. More sternly, in a mood of utmost reverence, they recognize that what you bring to the act of perception is often just as important as what you perceive.

      cf. Goethe's Morphology of Knowledge. Also history of ideas accounts of holism that place Coleridge and Goethe on the same vector.

    1. There is no need, therefore, to despise, no need even to feel pity for months or years of life sacrificed in some minimal enquiry: say, the study of some uninspired medieval text and its fumbling dialect


  4. Aug 2022
    1. curation

      The rise of web curation attracted a lot of different views, like Matt Langer's, contemporary to this post.

    2. Comment-forms are dropping off blogs like vestigial tails.

      All the better to be toggled marginalia.

    3. We want the words. We want words that have been lovingly prepared, and agonised over. We want them when they’re ready, not served up haphazardly with artificial deadlines and incomplete information. Our interconnected world changes so rapidly, and there’s a corresponding glut of disposable publishing, and writing, and even thinking. That might not be a bad thing in itself, but it’s not what fires the imagination (and opens the wallet) of the discerning reader.


    1. Making sense of presence invokes the full sense of the living human body in continuous seeking to understand another who cannot be fixed in any particular representations.  In making sense of presence, sense is integrated and processed in mutually interacting networks of cells encompassing from the most direct physical transformation of stimuli to the most abstract cognitive processing.

      As described here, making sense of presence has close parallels with Maurice Merleau-Ponty's discussion of the 'flesh' in his work The Visible and the Invisible. Suzie Gibson has a very effective introduction and application of this phenomenology to James Bond in p.49 of the James Bond and Philosophy anthology. What's well highlighted there are references to Bond's embodied cognition in evading danger and interacting with his world, just like the bodily actions of Louis IX described further on here.

    2. base, ignoble

      same wording Huxley gives for Mr. Savage when talking to Vanina about three weeks in a helicopter “It was base. It was ignoble”

  5. Jul 2022
    1. Dust is the stuff of their kind, the Gods of the Copybook Headings.

      idk the meter of this one clanged a little for me

      I haven't read poemfics before, this is good.

    1. I can imagine an equally true fable in which the ant, who spends his summer in grim preparations and resists all the grasshopper's invitations for fun, romance, and enlightenment, is stepped on before the first snowflake falls. The grasshopper attempts to comfort him in his final moments, but the ant sadly reflects that he now wished he had spent some of his time enjoying life. Life is short and death comes quickly to all regardless of preparations, so it's all the more important to use the time well.

      "Many a man will say, 'After my fiftieth year I shall retire and relax; my sixtieth year will release me from obligations.' And what guarantee have you that your life will be longer? Who will arrange that your program shall proceed according to plan? Are you not ashamed to reserve for yourself only the tail end of life and to allot to serious thought only such time as cannot be applied to business? How late an hour to begin to live when you must depart from life! What stupid obliviousness to mortality to postpone counsels of sanity to the fifties or sixties, with the intention of beginning life at an age few have reached!..."


  6. idletheory.trevorcarpenter.name idletheory.trevorcarpenter.name
    1. Human tools allowed humans to at one time hold spades, at other times to hold swords, and again to hold paddles, as circumstances required.

      Multimodal representation automated.

    1. Dr. Campbell says, "The more general the terms are, the picture is the fainter; the more special they are, 'tis the brighter."


  7. Jun 2022
    1. They sprinkle their spoors (technically, known as hyperlinks) over the floor of the Internet jungle in the hope of being one day chanced upon by an Internet user and ingested.
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    1. The prospect of finitude helps to account for the turn to sensation, as if intensity of presentation could make up for repetition. Of course, sensation is also a response to sheer clutter on the screen, a way to grab the most possible attention in the least amount of time. But that clutter also accounts for why everything's already been done, and so it cycles on relentlessly
  8. Sep 2021
    1. premature attempt to add to knowledge

      This general phrase implies more academic activities than just the latter thesis process e.g. every term paper along the way.

      It may even be that thesis making, as the reification and ritualization of understanding, stilted and regurgitated in practice, is the telos pedagogues desire to arrive at as soon as possible, thus accounting for the cursory and time constrained qualities of curriculums designed to get to the thesis stage more efficiently.

      Either way, that kind of directed subject overview for non-self-directed learners is usually the only exposure they will ever get and are content to have.