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  1. Aug 2018
    1. You maintain ownership of your Tumblr content

      We discussed that ownership doesn't mean that they still can't use your content without your consent.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. People rarely look the way you expect them to, even when you’ve seen pictures.

      This is really interesting and true though I am having a hard time understanding what this article is supposed to be about.

    2. Your physical person is our Black Box; without it, we have no record of what has happened on your mission.

      Bringing in the title. It helps bring it all together.

    3. Begin the Dissociation Technique only when physical violation is imminent.Close your eyes and slowly count backward from ten.With each number, imagine yourself rising out of your body and moving one step farther away from it.

      With how it continues to go I do not think that this should be attempted in water.

    4. The Dissociation Technique is like a parachute—you must pull the cord at the correct time.

      I didn't realize that this was a possible technique.

    5. Being alone with a violent and ruthless man, surrounded by water, can make the shore seem very far away.

      This is an interesting observation. Though maybe do not let yourself get too far away from people you trust while in the water to begin with.