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  1. Apr 2018
    1. Lakes

      "T­­­he English Lake District, a cultural landscape in North West England that inspired Romantic poets and conservationists including William Wordsworth..." ("English Lake District welcomed...")

    2. St. James’s

      It has been the area where important historic events happened. It is also the official residence of the Sovereign. (The British Monarchy)

    3. toilette

      The action or process of washing, dressing, or arranging the hair." (OED)

    4. proper

      "Of a person: behaving according to social norms or polite usage; decorous, well-mannered; correct, respectable (occasionally with implication of stiff formality)." (OED)

    5. transport

      "To ‘carry away’ with the strength of some emotion; to cause to be beside oneself, to put into an ecstasy, to enrapture." (OED)