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  1. Feb 2018
    1. One user

      Wow another highly decorated and accomplished journalist


    2. Vox

      Left wing source (3)

    3. New York Times

      far-left wing source (1)

    4. As one Reddit user found, there was quite a strong relationship between @TEN_GOP and Reddit’s The_Donald subreddit. The user compiled a list of hundreds of times that the Twitter account was linked to The_Donald, some of which garnered thousands of user upvotes.

      "quite a strong relationship"

      • according to who/what? not convincing
    5. one of the most popular

      most popular? another strong claim, wo0w

    6. one of the biggest offenders

      -"biggest offenders"

      -according to far-left NYT


    7. internet’s biggest hubs

      bold claim, let's see if they can prove it, convincingly

  2. Oct 2017