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  1. Sep 2016
    1. What’s more, the public trusts libraries to teach digital literacy skills. In a prior report, Pew found that 47 percent of American adults agree that libraries contribute “a lot” to providing a trusted place for people to learn about new technologies. Another Pew report revealed that 80 percent of adults believe that libraries should “definitely” offer programs to teach people how to use digital tools.

      How does this translate into our pedagogical applications within the Libraries?

    2. By examining digital readiness, rather than the “digital divide,” Pew’s research highlights the fact that people’s lack of digital skills and trust in technology may, in turn, impact their use of digital resources. In other words, digital literacy and trust may boost meaningful internet use.

      Emphasis on MEANINGFUL

    3. This report indicates we can connect with our digital learners to talk about trust and evaluation in the digital information sphere.