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  1. Sep 2019
    1. Isafilmlessgoodifitisproducedby arapist,arolelessexpertly performedifperformedby aharasser,aroutinelessfunny ifanexploitativeexhibitionistperformsit?

      A film is not less good if the producer was a rapist... but one must consider the effects it has on allowing people to carry on with their normal lives when they have destroyed others'. If a producer who at the same time is a rapist is allowed to continue with his life as if nothing had taken place, the act of rape is normalized.

    2. But,whetherit’sformetotellaguy whocheatsonhistaxesthatheshouldn’tgooutandfinishhispaintinganymor

      one can't compare rape with not paying taxes.

    3. heartworkitselfissomethingtoconsideronly forthosewhodon’tcareaboutartultimately

      There is one thing which is caring about art and appreciating it and there is another which is caring about injustices.