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  1. Aug 2018
    1. Create a professional toolkit through exploring resources and professional competencies pertinent to the instructional design fiel

      I am excited to put together a toolkit.

    2. Adults never stop learning. With uncertain careers and ubiquitous and ever­changing technologies, there is a growingneed to build learning solutions for adults. Where the term curriculum design is often used to define the process of buildinglearning solutions in formal K­16 educational settings; Instructional Design (ID) is more often used to describe the processused to design, deploy, and evaluate learning solutions for adult learners.

      This is helpful to my understanding of instructional design. I am a complete newbie to this!

  2. Sep 2017
  3. instructure-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com instructure-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com
    1. Yet, many educational research-ers, theorists, and practitioners today are success-fully fusing both points of view within their work

      I was familiar with both theories that were discussed in this article before reading it, however, I had never had them explained to me in these terms (symbolic processing theory and situativity theory.) I was glad that the article gave clear guidance on how the two work together, especially in the above mentioned paragraph about how a teacher is the transmitter of knowledge but is also responsible for creating a classroom community. I was also able to make some connections between these two learning theories and work we did in our leadership class (especially in terms of distributed leadership!)

  4. Aug 2017
    1. likelytochange

      This makes me a little nervous. I generally still print the syllabus for every course and follow along so I am going to have to be really mindful of this!

    2. AnnotationwithHypothesis

      Do documents not get extremely messy with this many people annotating on it? Also, when I am highlighting my reading, do I have to make it public, or can I make it so that I am the only one who sees it for me own references?

    3. humanize

      I am assuming this is an attempt to make things feel more personal and face to face without us ever actually being in the same room : )

    4. professionalbackgrounds

      I am looking forward to hopefully being able to explore topics in regards to early childhood education that is not focused on the public school system and hopefully will be able to incorporate information from birth to 3.