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  1. Mar 2018
    1. Congress lost interest in planetary exploration. NASA's planetary exploration budget sank dramatically starting in 1977, and the Reagan administration threatened to terminate planetary exploration entirely. Th

      Bad news considering previous research that every dollar invested to NASA contributes $10 back to the economy #aplang18

    2. air pollution, and changes in sea ice and land ice.

      their observations allow humans to adapt to the changing climate because we are aware of our carbon footprints #aplang18

    3. breakthrough research on climate science

      none of this is possible without funding #aplang18

  2. Feb 2018
    1. Instead, their biggest fear is the terrifying rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria

      this is true and a fear of inhabiting another planet that bacteria will evolve or we will contract new viruses that we won't have vaccinations for #aplang18

    2. In fact, microbiologists in particular would disagree that climate change is the world’s #1 threat

      Where did he get this information? Reliable source? but interesting #aplang18

    1. above the horizon of the moon led to a greater appreciation for our planet and the need to protect it

      a little contrary to my argument that finding another habitable planet is necessary, but he agrees with how it can be done- NASA funding #aplang18

    1. bout 1.75 billion years, the Earth will leave the habitable zone and become a desiccated giant rock.

      Earth is slowly leaving the habitable zone. Climate change problems are happening far faster than this one. #aplang18

    1. Clothes and vehicle interiors are more fire resistant because of research after the Apollo fire. Weather forecasting is much more accurate because of satellite monitoring.

      Although NASA has had failures, we can learn from them which make the efforts worthwhile to continue there research and exploration. #aplang18

    2. one calcium loss has led to better understanding and treatment of osteoporos

      NASA has benefited medicine as well as astronomy. All sciences are affected by the company. #aplang18

    3. e have recently watched the World Cup matches from Brazil in near real-time via satellite feed. We can surf the Internet with laptop or tablet while flying in an airplane almost anywhere in the world. We are more connected than ever, both in our everyday activities and in emergency situations.

      This is possibly the most appreciated and used benefit of NASA but is often forgotten about, we take it for granted that they constantly monitor the satellites. #aplang18

    1. Herd immunity

      says that supporters of vaccines have a responsibility to protect the opposers, making them inferior in a way. #aplang18

    2. Doctors and lawmakers blamed the outbreak on the increased number of parents choosing not to vaccinate their children

      Strengthens the supporting argument by saying that authority (doctors) blamed those who oppose it. We are more likely to trust the doctors than the parents #aplang18

    3. e vaccines are now from “descendant” cell lines independent of the original fetal tissue,

      Supporters of vaccines give information about why the opposers have bad reasons to oppose it, hoping to sway audience. #aplang18

    4. However, there is no evidence that exposure to vaccines containing thimerosal increases a child’s risk of developing ASD

      the opposing argument is shut down #aplang18

    5. benefits of vaccination outweigh any potential risks

      the supporting side has a better argument

    6. because they believe the risks associated with vaccination pose a greater threat than the disease targeted by the vaccine. Some people are uncomfortable introducing a foreign, biological element into a healthy body, especially one derived from a disease. Other people object to vaccinations on religious grounds.

      why they oppose vaccines

    7. because they believe the risks associated with vaccination pose a greater threat than the disease targeted by the vaccine

      Why those oppose them

    8. Despite consensus in the scientific community regarding the effectiveness of vaccines, some Americans remain skeptical about the safety of vaccines.

      separates who supports vaccines and who opposes them.

    1. hen to say "that planet is habitable" is impossible, for the time-being at least.

      conclusion: the question is it possible that another habitable planets exists can better be answered. #aplang18

    1. is NASA's first mission capable of detecting Earth-size planets around stars like our sun.

      My question has been unanswerable and may remain unanswered for many years, but there is new technology like the Kepler Space Telescope that advances our knowledge of it. It is the first step. Evidence from the research will send us in the right direction towards answering the question. #aplang18

    2. "The discovery of Kepler-186f is a significant step toward finding worlds like our planet Earth,"

      This scientist is confident that there are planets like earth, we just have yet to discover them. #aplang18

    3. However, "being in the habitable zone does not mean we know this planet is habitable,"

      Nay-say argument/ other side. May not answer my question at all #aplang18

    4. brightness of its star at high noon is only as bright as our sun appears to us about an hour before sunset

      Differences/disadvantages to Kepler supporting human life. #aplang18