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  1. May 2019
    1. This kind of double checking doesn’t happen that often largely because it is so time consuming

      digitization could help reduce the spread of fake information. This is becoming more important in recent years.

    1. As data management plans become mandatory components of research proposals, maybe we should start looking out for what historians will be doing with their notes and research data? It’d be a potential to really kickstart historical research, speed up some research, increase efficiency (time for me to duck), and help decrease PhD completion times. Not a magic bullet, but … maybe 10% of one?

      efficiency is important, as we are always competing. digitization could allow for Canada to compete internationally in research!

    1. git push origin experiment

      This should be git push -u origin experiment as in the video

    2. Click on the file name, and it will download to your computer where you can open it with a text editor

      Make sure to have downloaded a text editor before hand

    3. Carleton students: If you are on campus or are logged into Carleton's systems via a VPN, go to the sign up page at Other folks: Go to the DH Box sign up page at http://dhbox.org/signup. These are two separate installations of DH Box; whichever one you start with, continue to use

      I was wondering why I was not able to log in, that is because there are two different sites.

    4. See how easy that was? Don't worry about submitting this.... yet.

      It was actually easy, not too frustrating at all!

    1. # H1

      Hey Class, remember that it is important to leave a space after the # in order for the command to work.

    1. how to work with GitHub to foster collaboration

      This is great! This will help international research around the world become more feasible. It is great to find new ways to communicate and interact online when conduction projects. It will save time, money, and resources.

    1. Over the last decade, the emergence of the digital humanities as a field has meant that a range of tools are within the grasp of anyone, scholar or citizen, who wants to try their hand at making sense of long stretches of time.

      I think that it is important that history is becoming digitized, as the whole world is heading in that direct from business to government. It is crucial that history follows suit.

    1. To access our virtual computer, the DH Box, you will need to use Carleton's VPN service.

      I had difficulty installing the VPN in chrome. had to consult IT for help, they said to use firefox.

    2. Each week you will upload a fail log to you GitHub account. You will include a link to your 3 most important Hypothes.is annotations and reflect on how those 3 annotations were meaningful to your learning. In the first week you will also reflect on your worries for the course, any technical issues you encountered, etc.

      More clear on what to write in the fail logs. How do I reconfigure the text sizing etc for my published part? do the # represent the titles?

    3. emember then: make your annotations in our HIST3814o group!

      Is this how to post to the group? add a tag?

    4. THIS TEXT and leave an annotation!

      Testing the annotation like it says

    1. I was curious to figure out if I could train the computer to write an Indiana Jones script.

      This seems like it will be difficult to learn to do. I am worried about coding.