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  1. Jun 2020
    1. Congratulations to Glenbard West English teacher Kimberly Gwizdala on earning a $1,000 grant from Book Love Foundation to purchase books for her classroom library.

      If you got $1,000 to buy books for a high school English library, what books would you get?

    1. To understand this, imagine that you have picked out a pair of pants to wear later in the evening. Your partner comes in and criticizes your choice, saying you should have picked the blue ones rather than the red ones. You will likely become defensive about your choice and defend it—maybe even becoming more entrenched in your choice of hot red pants.

      I wish this article gave a specific example of how a political opinion actually changed. The article gives examples of switching a photo. Switching pants. But not an example of how they got the political position to change.

    1. Highly will shut down its iOS and Slack app on April 26th, though it promises that “No highlights will be harmed.”

      It's too bad that Twitter shut down the highly.co website. Now all the highly.co links in tweets are dead. Great job, Twitter. You just killed a ton of links that people saved.

  2. Apr 2018
    1. The Instagram API Platform will be deprecated beginning in July 2018. For full details please see developer blog link

      Booo! Instagram is killing their API. The very API that helped their platform to grow Instagram to the size it is today. Instagram, boooo!

  3. Mar 2018
    1. Today I made my 25,000th annotation

      I'm seeing "650 Matching Annotations" on your profile. I'm assuming the majority of your annotations are private. Correct?

  4. Aug 2017
    1. Just to be clear, the mission of Medium has always been the same: What we’ve been trying to figure out is how to create an ecosystem that supports the creation and distribution of great ideas and important content.

      I love this mission. It's largely why I enjoy working at my current job.

  5. May 2017
  6. Mar 2017
    1. Hypothesis currently supports annotation of HTML and PDF. For PDF we use Mozilla’s PDF.js, which has enabled PDFs to be rendered into the browser as HTML since 2012.

      If Hypothesis works with an iOS app to annotate PDFs, I would totally drop the Goodreader app.

  7. Sep 2016
    1. The Hypothes.is platform is designed to allow publishers to highlight and curate the notes and conversations that they want to promote as part of their content, while giving users the freedom to bring other conversations to the same content.

      I hope Hypothes.is is also able to go mainstream as the place for anyone to comment on online content.

    2. Open web annotations will be an essential ingredient of the future scholarly experience.


  8. Aug 2016
    1. In the abeginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

      Trying annotation on the esvbible.org website.

    1. Play is not only in nature. He extends his examples to “the play of gears or parts of machinery, the play of limbs, the play of forces.” He then adds, “The movement backwards and forwards is obviously so central to the definition of play that it makes no difference who or what performs this movement” (104), as if to say the players are played by the game.

      A somewhat side note: As a graphic designer, we often respond to outside suggestions with, "let me play with your idea, and we'll see how it goes." Some graphic designers have an aversion to the coupling "play" with design, for fear of people thinking that we aren't doing serious work (like finance or sales), instead we play with crayons all day.

      However, I welcome play as a large component of design. Designwork is a dance between the design, the project needs, and creativity of visual communication. A designer can try to wrangle total control over this dance, but that often ends up too forced. Instead the designer oftentimes have to let the other parts of the design guide us--which includes letting the client requests to guide us. This form of play can often lead us into great results. Or sometimes it's just play for the sake of play, and no real results are generated by the suggestions. It's all something we have to submit to.

    1. it’s common enough for technologies, games, and artworks to invite adjustments to our view of the world even when those things are absent. Ardent skateboarders see city spaces as ramps and hazards, carpenters see a world full of offcuts to be salvaged for the next job, gardeners see flowers and trees before they notice buildings, geo-gamers think everyone else, like them, is on a scavenger hunt, and Pokemon Go players see cats and sparrows as ready to be captured, scored and inventoried.

      It is my constant goal as a Public Spaces Artist to inspire people to view their everyday environment differently.

    1. Strip out all the hoopla about shopping habits and such and Pinterest is, at its core, a link-saving app

      A-ha moment while reading your summaries. You call Pinterest a ‘link-sharing app’. A couple days ago I blogged about if Pinterest was making a move to take over some of Evernote’s territory of being an archive. But now I realize that Pinterest is a link-sharing app, not an article-saving app, thus it won’t really encroach on Evernote.