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  1. Nov 2021
  2. minus.social minus.social
    1. Did you ever have the feeling you were missing something vastly more important than your keys?

      If I were missing the lock, that would be vastly more important than the key.

    2. I don’t know where life will bring me. I only hope it will be worth it in the end. I hope i will resist, that i will be strong enough to keep moving forward becoming a better version of me. I love you all!

      What would you say is one of your strongest characteristics?

    3. I would like to use my 100 club post to lament the things I miss about the old Internet:— Suck.com— Altavista— Hotwired— A sense of optimism about the future— a sense that a Gibsonesque cyberpunk future was right around the corner I’ll take this though. A bit of succour to bring me to the other side. See you at number 1, fools.

      I have a print edition book of suck.com articles. Although a few years ago I think I gave it to goodwill. Ahh, the old things that fade away. So too will this service fade for its users as each person nears the 100-post mark.

    4. Will Minus ever die? This is a thought I had since the moment I found out about this project, yesterday. If you analyse how early users of big social media behaved, it feels pretty familiar when looking at the Minus community at the moment. A niche group of people, with *many* interests in common, building a great environment for discussion, finding new stuff, and meeting friends. With the growth of all those platforms, however, as we all have observed, this positive environment crumble. They either died because of lack of engagement (Tumblr, Clubhouse, Fotolog, etc), or have turned really unpleasurable yet addicting to use (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Will Minus follow this path? Will the rules established by this project be capable of being the “David” against the “Goliath” of Big Techs? What do you think?

      Since comments are unlimited on minus, you’d think there would be more comments than posts, thus there would be a high level of engagement.

      So far, most posts are the first from a user, and that’s it. I’m glad to see this is your 7th post.

    5. It’s an interesting idea. After all, what use would I make of words if I knew they were finite? First, I would say that I am a very optimistic person. Optimistic to the point of being selfish, to the point of not caring. Yes I don’t care. Because, for me, everything is fine. This would be my outburst, because how long did I have to be silent about it? What’s wrong with thinking everything is fine when I feel that way? Why should I feel ashamed for considering that life, no matter what, has always been beautiful to me? I don’t really care as in my mind and heart there are only butterflies flying.

      Let the butterflies continue to fly. May your wings be as transparent as the Glasswing. Flying although invisible to the human eye.

    6. I always hate eating the last bite of a delicious meal. It seems somehow cruel that an experience so grand, so…life-giving, can be so limited. Maybe if I delay this final bite, I can somehow cling to the fleeting joy for just one moment longer. Once I swallow that final time, will I ever find such beauty again? My paralyzing fear and inaction doesn’t actually increase my enjoyment of that morsel. To enjoy, I must consume. This is its cycle. Maybe joy isn’t renewable. But can I trust that joy is bountiful? For this same reason, I fear posting. What if I think of something better to use my limited submissions on? What if I’m wasting what little opportunity I have. But fuck it, life must be lived. Eat the damn bite.

      I’ve had this tab open with this post for the past three hours. Not sure how to respond. I’m enjoying it like the last bite.

    7. Who’s minus community ? The curious ? The social bulimic ? The outsider ? Ben Grosser’s friends and family ?

      I am the one who enjoys the more thoughtful posts by community members.

      I initially joined because of the unique hook that minus had with the limited number of posts. It was curious. I love new social networks, and seeing how they grow and develop. This one in particular has grown into quite a contemplative place.