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  1. Mar 2019
    1. “Made in Italy” is one of the most recognizable stamps of quality and innovation in contemporary fashion.

      "Made in Italy" is a stamp of quality and craftsmanship

    2. Italian fashion relies on an adherence to the markings of a rich cultural heritage (reflected most prominently in tributes to the luxury of the Italian Renaissance), an instinctive progression toward the globalization of fashion via various modernist aesthetics, and an ability to reinvent image ideals through advertising and promotion.

      Cultural heritage is part of brands' identity. Marketing makes this heritage popular and desired

    1. Kering’s set target was to evaluate all key suppliers at least once every two years, and the company has since performed 6,000 supplier audits, which according to the company, covers most of its direct and indirect suppliers.

      Attempts to prevent unethical production in all aspects of the product

    2. Kering owns the Blutonic leather tannery in Tuscany — where it has implemented an IT tool to trace the tannery’s leather back to the farm or country of origin, and also developed metal-free tanning

      Leather tanning is done in a factory owned by Kering in Tuscany

    3. Kering reached only 64 percent of its target to source 100 percent of its leather from responsible and verified sources that don't result in converting sensitive ecosystems into agricultural land (within this, luxury bovine leather, which is sourced mostly in Europe, and therefore subject to EU regulations, reached 91 percent)

      Kering leather including that used for Saint Laurent leather goods is mostly sourced from Europe (in the case of my card holder Europe). They are trying to only purchase leather from "responsible sources"

    1. I wanted to make something to dream about, not something real. Saint Laurent, when he started, did real clothes. Those real clothes are everywhere, in the stores, in Zara, everywhere. You dress like he predicted in the ’70s

      Exclusivity and uniqueness

    2. His “Beat” line was the first couture collection inspired by the street, and foreshadowed the youthquake counterculture of the 1960s as well as punk.

      History that makes the brand fun to wear because it represents a huge french high fashion brand that has been able to keep up with culture and significant shifts in culture

    3. Not only is Saint Laurent one of the most influential brands, creatively and culturally, but now, thanks to the success of Slimane, it’s also one of the biggest financially.

      The brand represents one of the biggest and best fashion houses that has been influential and significant in pop culture

    4. r, Hedi Slimane, determined the décor and the general ambience of sleek modernity and distinctly French formality. But Slimane was based in Los Angeles.

      French brand with head creative designer based in Los Angeles but still creating a French look.

    1. reduce discrepancies between their actual and ideal self,” thereby increasing their self-esteem; decades later they are finding in studies that this “self-congruity” was a major factor in brand loyalty.

      Brands help people express their identities and who they want to be

    2. Backyard Bowls here becomes a proxy for a whole constellation of shared values.

      The values of a brand are important because they have to be one's that a customer base wants to be represented by and that aligns with their personal identity.