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  1. Jan 2017
    1. "literary works created with the use of a computer for the electronic medium such that they cannot be experienced in any meaningful way without the mediation of an electronic device" (

      Sorry, I take a bit of issue with this phrase as well. I would agree more with the ELO definition's context--that eLit takes advantage of such devices, rather than absolutely requiring them. I can think of several examples of eComics that are absolutely optimized and meant for viewing onlne/on HD devices...but can be reproduced and displayed effectively on paper as well. The experience isn't nearly as good, but the communication of the media is still effective.

    2. an emergent literary form and academic field

      I take issue with the word "emergent," not because I disagree with eLit being emergent, but because I don't believe it's exclusive. Is literature itself no less emergent or is eLit not part of literature? Same with any art form. In my mind, it could more appropriately be quantified in terms of it's nascency or newness compared to conventional forms of literature. Also, emergence connotes unexpectedness...not sure anyone who's been alive the past 3-4 decades finds the creation eliterature unexpected.

    1. Computer art installations which ask viewers to read them or otherwise have literary aspects

      I would consider adding, "Computer art installations, such as comics and graphic novels, which..." Comics (including graphic novels) are traditionally considered (within literature and art circles) as "hybrids" of literature and graphic art. I'm including them because, within those circles, they are often derided or excluded as "inferior." Comics are increasingly created online-only/digitally-only and specifically for viewing on high resolution monitors. eComics have already changed the rules of comics--particularly segmentation (hyper-framing and multi-framing) and eye progression.