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  1. Mar 2017
    1. “To James Mortimer, M.R.C.S., from his friends of the C.C.H.,” was engraved upon it, with the date “1884.”

      This occus at the beginning of the film. In the book, a stick is being described, in BBC's version, something like the stick is represented. This occurs at timestamp 2:11. https://ibb.co/hhigva

  2. Feb 2017
    1. underpaid, undervalued women

      The gender pay gap! Ridiculous!

    2. My response to this was to stop making my bed every day

      Interesting way to respond to this. But did this do anything in the long run?

    1. But I can't hop onto a bandwagon that just isn’t clear about what it’s asking “everyone” to do.

      Interesting comment! I love how this author basically refuses to hop on the bandwagon until he can prove as to why he should learn coding.

    2. companies and organization

      Interesting how many companies and organizations support coding. however, I wonder how long this will last?? What will be the next "new" thing after coding?

    1. epistemological pluralism

      Cool word. I'll have to put this in my vocab!

    2. visual artists' pencils, brushes, and paints, is "just a tool."

      Good comparison!

    3. To me, it sounds gross to talk about establishing a relationship with the computer. I don't like establishing relationships with machines. Relationships are for people.

      Could Robin using programming "their way" have anything to do with this?

    4. Insisting that the computer is just a tool is one way to declare that what is most important about being a person (and a woman) is incompatible with close relationships to technology.

      I agree!

    5. As a birthday gift, a boy receives toy tanks and soldiers; a girl receives dolls

      Is this where the "hard" and "soft" programming begins?

    6. Hard mastery is resonant with the logical and hierarchical elements of the traditional construction of "scientific method." Soft mastery has always had its place in the discourse of the arts and has always been glimpsed in the autobiographical writings of scientists.

      Good definition!

    7. I got my wrists slapped enough times and I changed my ways,

      How interesting that both Lisa and Robin both had to do it the "right" way in order to succeed. I personally think that there is more than one way to do something.

    8. The role of feminist studies in the nascent computer culture is to promote the recognition of diversity in how we think about and appropriate formal systems and encourage the acceptance of our profound human connection with our tools.

      So important! Great conclusion to come to.

    1. “We didn’t even think of how you’d get around on campus!”

      A good example that you should think before you speak!

    2. To be fair, there are colleges and universities that have given their students with disabilities the opportunities and technologies that they need to be successful students and people

      I'm glad that institutions have come a along way, but there is still a lot more to be done!

    1. But until we acknowledge that this killer in many ways achieved precisely the erasure of disabled people that society itself systemically, if sometimes unconsciously, supports, we will stay a lot closer on the continuum to that killer than most of us want to be.

      It's good to be educated about these kinds of things so that a movement can be started to prevent these things from happening!

    2. The suspect's stated desire was to erase disabled people from the earth.

      Disability erasure.

    3. What if his letter had instead referenced his intention to kill children or teachers or restaurant-goers

      Interesting question.

    4. He killed 19 people in his attack and left 26 others injured.

      Even though he warned people, there were still no precautions taken?

    5. The suspect’s desire to erase disabled people lies at the extreme end of the disability attitudes spectrum

      Great definition!

  3. Nov 2016
  4. Oct 2016
    1. In addition, Watchmen successfully overwhelms the reader, using the graphic novel format to focus on the intensive impact that trauma can have and to force the audience to feel the effects &ndash the sense of helplessness, the isolation, and the fear &ndash just as the characters do.

      I definitely agree with this statement. At times the book was overwhelming because there were so many things going on that were all key events, but after I was able to figure it out and connect with the character on an empathetic level.

    2. Multiple moments can occur within a single frame, which corresponds to another convention of graphic novels.

      I definitely saw this through Watchmen and liked how this occurred throughout the book. I would definitely get confused, but after I went back and looked at the details, I was able to figure it out.