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    1. With respect, while the purpose in view may be to emphasize the calendar over the sacrament in figuring out liturgical colors, the language used here in fact does the reverse. As the BCP notes -- quoted here -- A: Since, according to the Book of Common Prayer, “Holy Baptism is appropriately administered within the Eucharist as the chief service on a Sunday or other feast." But surely if it is the chief service, then it has precedence -- and the choice of color should follow what, liturgically, has precedence. Consider an alternative example: A funeral that happened to fall on April 25 wouldn't suddenly be decked out in red because it was St. Mark's day.

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    1. strategy

      Only if the only strategy one can imagine is a profit motive.

    2. how do I get there from here

      More accurately, a strategy (1) clarifies objectives (2) identifies the level and type of resources necessary to achieve those objectives (3) organizes available resources in the most efficient way to achieve identified objectives (4) identifies gaps in available resources and creates a plan for obtaining them (5) is designed so as to include means of measuring achievement. It's true that this is not the same thing as a mission, but it's not true that mission and strategy are separate species. A strategy, to be successful, has to align with mission commitments.

    3. business

      Right: But where this argument fails is in interrogating whether, and why, this must necessarily be the case. Many socially necessary functions are provided outside market structures. Is there an iron law of nature dictating that scholarly communication must happen in a marketplace?

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    1. This is an example comment using the Hypothesis plugin in PB-TB.

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