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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Acknowledging this divide, I used more “push” techniques than I typically would to try and bridge the two divided groups: actively giving feedback and general advice in some situations. That said, I still spent most of my time using “pull” tactics: paraphrasing what other people said and then posing a question to pull in other perspectives on ideas, etc.

      I see your awareness of the group dynamics in the room as reflective of your training as a facilitator. I will be actively following your work on here to better learn and understand how to do large-group facilitation and coaching - thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

    1. body language displayed: confidence, familiarity amongst one another, some nervousness, and excitement.

      I noticed that you called out the nonverbal communication they were expressing. I think that's a really productive angle to assess team dynamics from, and I got a better sense of what happened that day (since I wasn't there) reading your description than from a few others. The jangle of creative energy on different wavelengths is a powerful place to start.