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  1. May 2019

      each beer description builds on historical notes/references

    2. Canadian-grown barley, North American hops, crisp clean water, and yeast.
    1. Our focus is on distinctive taste and aroma using local ingredients as much as possible. Our commitment is to make beer that is consistently high quality and appealing to the senses.
  2. www.saltboxbrewingcompany.ca www.saltboxbrewingcompany.ca
    1. Like the building of a historical Saltbox, brewing small batches of quality beer is a deeply rooted expression of the heritage and craftsmanship found in Nova Scotia.  
    1. first independent brewer to set forth on a quest to create the most desired beer this jewel of a region has ever seen. 
    1. We strive for authenticity and to be true to our craft. We do this by sourcing local ingredients whenever we can. Most of the hops used at Grimross are grown right here in New Brunswick.
    2. Our brewing philosophy. Authentic.
    1. "bring people as close to the brewing process as possible"


    2. Yellow Dog Brewing is a family-run brewery focused on producing high quality locally crafted beer for everyone to enjoy.
    1. Known as the "grandfather of micro-brewing in Canada," John Mitchell helped design Howe Sound Brewery in 1996, working with founders Stephen Shard, Dave Fenn and Colleen Fenn.
    2. Proudly brewing award-winning ales in Squamish for over 20 years, we owe much of our early success to John Mitchell. He co-pioneered North America's first modern craft brewery at Horseshoe Bay on BC's spectacular Howe Sound back in 1982, with the assistance of Frank Appleton. The pair began what has become known as the "craft brewing renaissance."
    1. homebrewing

      Very grass roots/home brew friendly organization; appeals to sense of independence and optimism; "home grown"

    1. Historic images of railroads; Black + White; strong consistent tie to local community and local ag; strong tie to history

    2. Why Siding 14?  It's  a nod to our rich Alberta and western Canadian railway heritage.  Before the town of Ponoka was named, it was Siding 14 of the Calgary-Edmonton Railway Company.  The siding was a supply point  for steam locomotives making the run between the two major cities.  The railway  not only provided transportation between small towns and major centers, it was  historically the heart of communication and social interaction in communities across the province.
    3. Field to Glass: We grow it, you drink it
    1. All "mainline" beers based on historic railroad culture; Many mentions of local ingredients; many mentions of brewed in the "classic style of...."

    1. Key ideas: rebel culture; black metal; bending rules; combining ideas; AND brewers grounded in education/tradition

    2. Historical style illustration; Blackletter font

    1. New Level Brewing bends the rules of the style guidelines to create bold beers that are just a bit different from what you may have had before. They may not obey the Rhineheitsgebot, but they refuse to compromise the quality of their beer or to release anything that they don’t love.
    2. boldly flavoured American craft beers
    3. Maybe we should just start a brewery that makes what we like to drink?
    4. The Ross brothers decided to start their own brewery while attending Maryland Deathfest.
  3. Jun 2016
    1. tactical Twitter have been taken up predominantly in terms of victimization

      sounds like this is trying to move a complex domain to a simple! aka "best practice - don't engage or engage bland"