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  1. Aug 2017
    1. Daily Creates

      I'm confused as to what these are? After looking through the twitter page @ds106dc, I don't understand what I need to do.

  2. Apr 2017
    1. Affinity 1

      Great job, Mike! Just like Emily, this is also the first one I've come across an affinity space where the members have to join via membership. It was interesting to me how you descibed the developers of the site as the insiders, because it does not seem to be obvious at first. I know, like you, I was not too high on this idea of contributing to an affinity space at first. I am quiet and resvered and just do what I do, not interact with many people. Howver, I found that after contributions it actually was fun and beneficial. I understand the challenege you went through to make your first contribution to the affinity space, but I hope that you felt like it was benefical in the end? The best way to get a source of information is from the source itself - the developers! This is definitely the highlight and strength of your affinity space community. The site is realiable and people can hold it accountable for the information. I thought your connection to Gee and Hayes was strong and that your space was definitely a strong space. It was clear that there was the ability for participants to learn and share knowledge, there was no segregation in the community, and that everyone is there for the same purpose. It is crucial to have this because this way people are able to interact and benefit from the interactions they have.

    1. There is personal investment

      Great :)

    2. My gaming group and I have been playing this game for a little over two years, gradually increasing the difficulty of the game each time we’ve played (the game is designed for users to customize the level of difficulty as they see fit).

      Do you find that you still enjoy the game or have you gotten bored and over it? Even with increasing the difficulty, I feel like learners can get tired of a game after a while and are ready for a new experience.

    3. bit of luck,

      Is this a good or bad quality of games?

    4. Your lives depend on it. 

      Interesting game! Can make playes feel like it is real life. I just spent a week in Arizona and definitely understand the idea of staying out of the excruciatingly hot sun! Not always an easy task :)

    1. This took me some trial and error to get right, as I would have to test my game, fix any unintended actions, and test it again. This resulted in a lot of playing around and I was pretty happy with the end result.

      Overall, I'm very impressed with the fact that you created the game. What was the main challenge you faced?

    2. It can be as challenging or in-depth as the player wishes.

      I definitely find this an advantage to a game - some players want to make the game easy for them to accomplish at first, while others are ready to be challenged right from the beginning. Do you find that most players move in a progressive matter, where they start easy and not in-depth and work their way up?

    1. Games can be a great way to provide an engaging environment for “role playing, narrative arcs, challenges, and interactive choices [where] players may be required to analyze, synthesize, and use critical thinking skills in order to play and execute moves” (Dickey, 2005).

      How does the game you play model this?

    2. I thought I would create a video Play Journal entry

      I never would have thought of doing something like this - really great idea! Probably gets the idea across better than the writting jounral entry does because we are "living" the game by watching your video! Really, really cool!!!

  3. Mar 2017
    1. Opening the menu every few seconds when you want to figure out how to do something is irritating.

      I agree. Is there an easier way that we can get the information to the player?

    2. forces the player to take charge of their own learning

      Do you find this the most beneficial way for the gamer to learn the game?

    1. In the previous version of this game coins could be collected by watching advertisements.

      Interesting actually! What were your thoughts on this being a way to gain coins? What are your thoughts now that it is not a way?

    2. In the tournament the two players with the lowest score after each round do not move on to the next round.

      How many differences do you find between the game and the tv show?

    3. then we are use to playing so there was a lot for this group to master in the game.

      I'm sure that made for an fun learning experience!

    1. This was the perfect game for me to have played during our Cycle 4 reading, merely because it does touch on issues such as race, representation, and certain aspects of “geek cultur

      Such a great connection to this cycle of work!!

    2. Because we were both new to the game

      That could defintiely make the game fun though if you're both new!

    3. but I don’t actively seek out these experiences myself.

      You're even better than me! I don't even like to try and learn the games because I don't like to accept defeat and really hate to lose, so if I don't play, then we're all set! Props to you for being eager to try games!

  4. Feb 2017
    1. game design holds valuable principles

      Let's try to create a list of these valuable principles that are included in game design.

    1. zero replay value to me.


    2. if I should move on and try a different puzzle.

      It is interesting that you had the option to move on to a different puzzle if you had trouble with one.

    3. 15 second tutorial

      Did you find it helpful?

    4. group problem-solving game

      was it truly problem solving? I ask because I have tried using this analogy (video games involving problem solving) in my math classes, but the students argue that they don't use math skills to do any problem solving. Do you feel like theres was some hidden math to it, since problem solving is really math?

    1. “Learning about games and learning with games take place simultaneously. One cannot learn about or from games without engaging in their play.

      This is so important for people to read because learners need to see how connected the two are.

    2. Magic: The Gathering(MTG).

      Is this a board game or computer game? Can it be played with more than two people?

    3. ten minutes to an hour

      That is a very big time span!

    1. transfer skills

      This is so critical for students. They should be able to relate skills and transfer skills from one topic to another.

    2. This trial and error highlighted that my approach to the battle could be wrong and I was able to refine my query about how to improve my play.

      very interesting!

    3. The game starts with a lengthy tutorial that runs through the basics of game play and upgrading offensive and defensive powers.

      Did you find this to be beneficial or boring/waste of time?

    4. comfortable and out of my comfort zone

      I like how you went a little out of your comfort zone! This probably made for a good experience while you were playing.

    1. early war simulation

      It is interesting how it's considered a war simulation when chess is seemed to be a relatively calm game.

    2. According to Brynen and Milante,

      Great connection!!!

    3. competition

      Do you consider competition against someone else or can somebody compete against themselves?