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  1. Dec 2017
    1. that education like private & individual concerns, should be left to private & individual effort; not reflecting that an establishment,

      In this part of the Rockfish Gap Report, the writer is showing that the individual and the school are separate. This reminds me of how the University will say that certain clubs or groups are not affiliated with the University and do not reflect the institution's views. It's interesting that the basis for this was rooted so long ago.

    2. the objects of education in the primary schools, whether private or public, in them should be taught reading, writing & numerical arithmetic, the elements of mensuration (useful in so many callings) and the outlines of geography and history,

      In this piece of the document, Jefferson highlights what he values in education. He lists subjects and shows that Jefferson wants to produce very well rounded students and that these students should have knowledge from a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Today, we uphold Jefferson's view of diverse knowledge by taking a variety of subjects.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. [4 August 1818]

      The Commissoners of the University chose the site of UVA in mere 3 days. I think it is baffling that they made a decision as monumental at this one in just 3 days.

    2. Rockfish gap on the blue ridge

      Why was the Rockfish Gap chosen as the place to hold this meeting? I think maybe it was a remote, quiet meeting place but other than this I can't find any significance.