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  1. Oct 2018
    1. Sitting here in the Summer night, I think of my death

      In this peom she is talking to someone that she loves. She wants that person to know the things that they going to remind them of her. Those things are a representation of her which that person can us to help them threw her death. Assuring them that they won’t be alone because those things carry her soul. I love this peom the way she talks about death is beautiful.

    1. Until, at last, I could only find my wayBy passing my fingers along the wall.Suddenly my hand shot through an open window,

      I love that sh is so detailed, it make me image her steps. For the rest of the peom I feel lost. The title and peom are just not connecting with each other. The way it broken up is throwing me off, it like starting over a whole new story

    1. I went to School But was not wiser

      She point out the lies that they teach in school. To forget history and make up there own to keep the lie going. I felt this way too, because I was taught a lot of information that wasn’t true and I felt dumb once I found out the truth

    2. Sacrificed for Science Is common, though, now

      The sacrifice of science destroys the planet, to test things and not care about the ecosystem just to prove a point. It’s becoming common because that’s what is being taught.

  2. Sep 2018
    1. She drops no tear,     She feels no fear,

      This line speaks great volume of motherhood, women are not seen to be emotional strong. The emotions of a mother is usually sensitive but these lines show power. just like a man, she drop no tear and no fear.

    1. And not a smile did I see on her face the rest of the walk; and it was then I thought first that she might care anything about them.

      When your silence your thinking really hard about something. I can just imagine her thoughts going wild as she bounce back and forth to dick or Williams Tyler's. I don't think she didn't care because she would of act like nothing was wrong with her accept for laughing it off.

    2. I have always meant that this story should be told, and now it will be. The people whom it concerned are all dead, long ago, so it can never trouble any one.

      She is telling a story that has some time on because all the people are dead. This give me a sense of wisdom which made me interested in this story more. It's like a untold story with secrets that they would never know she put out.