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  1. May 2016
    1. University of Technology Sydney’s Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building

      One of the first largest buildings which was unveiled in June,2014. The building was designed by Denton Corker Marshall who won the FEIT Building Design Competition in 2009. It is a building worth million dollars and is set to accommodate up to 5000 students and staffs.

    2. critique.

      Refers to a detailed analysis of a political theory or philosophy.

    3. Rebecca Baumann’s Automated Colourfield,

      A closer look at the flip colour done by Rebecca Baumann.There are many different colour in one mechanical roll, some are repeated colour and its duration is 24 hour. I found it very interesting and fun while looking at it.

    1. wabi-sabi

      concerns to an imperfect beauty of a design. Representing a Japanese aesthetic and a focus on the acceptance of imperfection. It is a concept came from the inspirational of Buddhist's 3 marks of existence: suffering, emptiness and impermanence. It is easy to characterise Wabi Sabi as it is including asymmetry, roughness, simplicity and austerity

    2. Kathryn M. Ireland

      A British architecture and interior designer who have her own unique grand European style in every designs. She is also cooperate with many furnishing brands like Grange, etc. She is also appears on many TV show in America.

    1. suburban spraw

      Also known as Suburbanisation, which means the expansion of populations away from main city into further, low density communities.

    2. Customers are looking for a better-looking lawn without spending a fortune. Also, a lot of people have gone back to buying fertilizers in the bag and doing it themselves because they're displeased with the lawn services.

      Beautiful lawn is one of the important factor in creating a beautiful home. Every home owner always want their lawn to be well maintain and good looking, but they all thinking that the lawn services are very expensive and not worth the money.

    1. will cycling actually change the city?

      As a visit to Melbourne city where they have the similar scheme to Boris Bike, the residents seems to use their own vehicle or taken public transport (Tram) than rent a bike. Mostly, the rental bikes are used by the travellers.

    2. Boris Bike”

      was named after Boris Johnson, who was the Mayor of London when the scheme launched. In Melbourne, Australia, we also have the similar cycle scheme operated by RACV which also come with a free helmet and run all over the city of Melbourne.

    1. He closed the room’s three sets of tall shutters, and painted them and the walls Prussian blue and resonant blue-greens

      Image of the central shutter. An oil painting and metal leaf on leather, canvas and wood by Charles Lang Freer

    2. Their dining room was already superb

      The Peacock room is originally designed as a dining room in a townhouse for Leyland's family. It is now considered as the greatest interior and very inspirational to a lot of designers.