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  1. Jul 2018
    1. Five Dimensions of Immigration PolicyWhen it comes to managing and shaping migration flows, as opposed to simply controlling their entry, it is possible to identify five principal constituent elements of this field: labor migration, the increased importance of political asylum, the growth of immigration of dependents, ethnic immigration, and issues related to the integration of immigrants into the host country

      Identifies the five dimensions of immigration. This allows you to break down the topic into more specific subtopics.

  2. Jan 2018
    1. By contrast, annotations can link an argument advanced in the main text of a publication to an excerpt from the source(s) the author is positing supports the arguments

      How is this difference from data access?

    2. Analytic Transparency

      Key question is whether ATI is just a supersize traditional footnote or something qualitatively different altogether.

  3. Jun 2017
    1. Senator Dean Heller of Nevada became the latest


  4. Feb 2017
    1. hift of tone came about almost overnight, from doubt about whether ordinary Americans had really suffered from economic and political globalization in the last generation to regret that their certain suffering had caused them to cast such a desperate vote

      Well put. But this shift was not limited to the media. It applies equally to Republicans and Democrats. It happened across the board. And certainly the catalysts were Trump and Sanders.

  5. Jan 2017
    1. central importance.

      So identification seems to be the term used for using randomized experiments to solve causal inference problems. It thus denotes a testing approach to causal inferences problems as opposed to the theorizing, causal process tracing approach.

  6. Nov 2015
    1. Universities should also officially and strongly discourage trigger warnings. They should endorse the American Association of University Professors’ report on these warnings, which notes, “The presumption that students need to be protected rather than challenged in a classroom is at once infantilizing and anti-intellectual.” P

      One curious and unstated dimension in all of this is how sway students actually have in all of this. AAUP, many faculty members seem to have little patience for the more extreme forms of this PC none-sense. So where does the pressure for all this come from ?