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  1. Jan 2018
    1. This has not been done “on purpose,” with a full consciousness that the school must now supply that factor of training formerly taken care of in the home, but rather by instinct, by experimenting and finding that such work takes a vital hold of pupils and gives them something which was not to be got in any other way.

      I agree that schools are not trying to have students learn material that is not benefical for them. I feel like schools need to redo there cirriclum and understand the background from where the pupils are coming from. I feel like there should not be a universal program, rather a cirrclum that benefits students in the school/ district.#Ed 677

    2. Our school methods, and to a very considerable extent our curriculum, are inherited from the period when learning and command of certain symbols, affording as they did the only access to learning, were all-important

      As a educator, I agree that our cirriclum is outdated. We are teaching skills that are revelant from years ago. A lot of the skills that educators teach in school today, do not apply to the children of the future. Do you feel your schools cirrclum will be revelant for the future of your students?#ed677

    3. If we go back a few centuries, we find a practical monopoly of learning

      This quote connects to Mirra's article because she describes connected learning as a way to develop real, self, and world connections(. Mira , 2017). I believe as educators, we need to teach academics for all job skills. [http://thecurrent.educatorinnovator.org/collection/what-does-it-take-teach-connected-learning![])