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  1. Nov 2017
    1. Projectiles, a leading branch of the Military art Military Architecture, includes Fortification, another branch of that art

      The inclusion of education on military subjects reinforces the idea of how at this time in American history there was an active citizen army. Coming off of the War of 1812, the military was a part of life for white males. At some point in their lives, it was likely they would serve in the military in some capacity. Education was seen partly as a way to have an edge in war, as a well educated and trained army would be more successful on the battlefield.

    2. These are the objects of that higher grade of education

      The "objects" listed correspond with Jefferson's idea of educating the whole person. A well-rounded education was necessary for a white man in Virginia at the time, as he would have had to know how to run an estate, engage in democratic exercises, and perhaps even manage crop production on his land. The target of this education was also not an average male - the best and the brightest were to be sent to this university.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. a basis will be formed common to all sects.

      The idea of the college not adhering to a specific religion and instead educating its students broadly mirrors the ideas of religious freedom presented in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Further, it runs parallel to the ideas presented by Thomas Jefferson in the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. Virginia at the time held religious freedom highly, as many different groups called the state home. Because Thomas Jefferson was a writer of all of these documents, it fits that the University of Virginia would hold this idea central to the education of its students.

    2. It is therefore greatly to be wished, that preliminary schools, either on private or public establishment, would be distributed in districts thro the state, as preparatory to the entrance of Students into the University.

      I find this interesting that the purpose of establishing a state school system would be solely for the purpose of preparing the students to enter the University. College was not a definite for many families during this time, only fairly wealthy white males were able to do so. So this mentioning of the establishment of schools makes me wonder if those schools would be for all children in the areas where they were established, or just for wealthy white males.