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  1. Sep 2017
    1. Why These Whales Are 'Standing' In the Ocean

      If you are very interested in whales, you can look at this incredible video of a whale feeding on krill.

    2. Sleep had previously been observed in some captive cetaceans by monitoring eye movements, but how whales in the wild rested was significantly less understood. Using data-collecting tags suction cupped to 59 sperm whales, researchers from the University of St. Andrews and the University of Tokyo measured the animals' periods of inactivity.


  2. Jun 2015
    1. The searches capture only two terms —“ sensation ” and “ senses ”— chosen in hopes of netting published work that considers sensation and the senses as such .

      I wonder what other terms we could trace in the history of rhetoric to see histories of sensation in the field. It seems like "energy" might be another one that Hawhee has traced through animal rhetorics: "Toward a Bestial Rhetoric." What terms consider sensation without naming it as such?