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  1. Mar 2018
    1. alcoholic brother

      compared an “alcoholic brother” with his relationship with the U.S

    2. I’ve lived in half a dozen states in the US

      he knows three languages; is married to a foreigner; and beliefs he has a “good perspective on the US from both the inside and the outside”

    3. Author. Thinker. Life Enthusiast.

      About the author???

    4. There are things I love about my country. I don’t hate the US and I still return to it a few times a year. But I think the greatest flaw of American culture is our blind self-absorption. In the past, it only hurt other countries. But now it’s starting to hurt ourselves. So this is my unsolicited lecture to my alcoholic brother — my own flavor of arrogance and self-absorption, even if slightly more informed — in hopes he’ll give up his wayward ways

      pertaining to at the beginning and at the end of his article pertains to Americans in general (as in American “brothers”; the race)

    5. Throughout history, every dominant civilization eventually collapsed because it became TOO successful. What made it powerful and unique grows out of proportion and consumes its society. I think this is true for American society. We’re complacent, entitled and unhealthy. My generation is the first generation of Americans who will be worse off than their parents, economically, physically, and emotionally. And this is not due to a lack of resources, to a lack of education or to a lack of ingenuity. It’s corruption and complacency.

      It is understandable at this point that his intent was to fuel the emotions of his (American) readers in order to emphasize the problem he sees in the American system.

    6. I realize it’s going to be impossible to write sentences like the ones above without coming across as a raging prick, so let me try to soften the blow to my American readers with an analogy:

      informing the audience

    7. OK, we’re ready now. 10 things Americans don’t know about America.

      his intent was to persuade

  2. Feb 2018