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  1. Jan 2018
    1. . If location services are enabled, Instagram allows you to share your location when posting a photo

      I feel like this particular option on Instagram has become a trend amoungst celebrities. They often tag their location to bring more money to a company or location. It causes "click-bait" so to speak, and has people drawn to this tag who may follow this person on their Instagram.

    2. After all, if we thought the police could easily access our data, we might start asking more questions about what our phones know about us, and become less comfortable with using these companies’ products.

      Yes ! This would be a super turn off to consumers, simply because police are being given a one up basically, and it takes away basic human rights to privacy. On another note it does give companies big opportunity to reach their consumers, and in a tech based society it makes it more accessible to buyers.

    1. Hmm . . .i'm now interested in viewing Bretts Update or Die Conference on youtube . It seems like it would be pretty interesting.

    2. If you really want to go deep into the culture of remix and how the internet disrupted the music industry, how it and creators responded, featuring footage from remix artist Girl Talk and interviews with the founder of Creative Commons, then watch the epic Rip! Remix Manifesto.

      Technology has changed the way music is received now by the audience, so this is something I will be looking into. Digital streaming is very popular now because it is easy, sufficient, and cost less. It also allows those who enjoy music to have it whenever they like wherever they like, which is a major plus!