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  1. May 2014
    1. I don't seem to see updates until I reload the page. But the network sucks, so hey.

    2. billions

      Billions. FB passed 1B MUA Q3 2012.

  2. Nov 2013
  3. epubjs-reader.appspot.com epubjs-reader.appspot.com
    1. “Scarcely had we proceeded two days on the sea, when about sunrise a great many Whales and other monsters of the sea, appeared. Among the former, one was of a most monstrous size.... This came towards us, open-mouthed, raising the waves on all sides, and beating the sea before him into a foam.”

      sunrise sunset

    2. “And God created great whales.”

      is that so?

    3. “And God created great whales.”

      oh really?