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  1. Aug 2017
    1. markdown_display_priority

      I don't know why or when my annotations will be properly applied.

      This is quite confusing. The interface remembers my tag, but not the content of my annotation.

      It does not seem to allow the application of an annotation to text inside of an iframe. This prevents proper testing of hypothes.is as a jupyter notebook annotation tool.

      In some ways it's great, but the interface and user model could use a lot of work. If it allowed annotations inside iframes I'd gladly navigate those rough edges. But without that feature it's hard to justify trying to use this for the purpose of annotating notebooks.

      Hopefully, this can be fixed, in which case I'll edit this annotation to acknowledge that annotation inside iframes works. That would mean the annotation of Jupyter notebooks would be be a process capable of supporting code review on a notebook via GitHub.

    1. markdown_display_priority

      Unfortunately this is probably the easiest place to apply a hypothes.is annotation. They don't look inside iframes. So the rendered version of the notebook will not work.