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  1. Feb 2022
    1. “You don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer,”

      Technically you don't need any firearm to bring down a deer. It can be done with a bow and arrow, or even a rusty old shovel if you're in the mood for it. Hell, it can technically be done with a butter knife but I imagine most people don't base their choice of hunting tools on what they don't need.

      Someone should let Trudeau know that there are hundreds of firearms still legal in this country that shoot just as fast and just as hard as an AR-15. They are every bit as capable of killing the same number of people but they're not as popular as the AR-15 so he can't rely on their name notoreity to help him justify banning them.

      I'm a bit surprised he didn't accuse the gun of being a nazi.

    1. Studies show women and people of color tend to be paid less than White men in the same roles.

      Refers to pay between workers "in the same roles" but links to an article that uses a gross unadjusted figure. Nothing in the link supports the claim being made, which was hardly surprising considering this claim has been debunked thousands of times over the last few decades.