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  1. Aug 2018
    1. Table 5 looked up TOS on Amazon. Amazon does not notify customers when their subscription is running out which seems like they count on the customers to forget about the free trial.

  2. Jul 2018
    1. And the first thing I see at the gates are the guards

      Daisey claims that there were guards at the factory, but later confirmed my Kathy that was a lie. #dgst101

    2. It's like they were coming to work every day, thinking, you know what would be great? It would be so great if somebody who uses all this crap we make every day, all day long-- it would be so great if one of those people came and asked us what was going on. Because we would have stories for them.

      Here Daisey states that the worker are coming up to them to talk to the, wanting to hear their voices. However, In the interview with Kathy afterwards, she confirmed that no more than 4-5 people talked to them. #dgst101

    3. Is it hard to get work at Foxconn when you're--" She says, "Oh, no." And her friends all agree. They don't really check ages. The outside companies do have inspections. But the workers told me Foxconn always knows when there is going to be an inspection

      Daisey claims that it is easy for unders age kids to get a job at Foxconn. #dgst101