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  1. Jul 2019
    1. We will study how a Disc Jockey’s (DJ’s) endorsement of recording on radio, in the 1950s, could boost sales into the millions.

    1. If course designers have been properly trained then there should be no unused text books.

      As I was reading the article, this thought also popped into my head.

      I'm wondering how many courses across campus are taught "to the book" - they find the book first, then structure the course around that - rather than choosing a text (or other medium) after going through the process of mapping learning objectives to assessments/activities. If you're starting with the textbook first, it's pretty likely that some course objectives are not achieved and the types of learning activities present in the course are uninspiring or irrelevant.

    2. online platform that bundles together a textbook, homework, quizzes, and tests

      I've really hated working with publishers' own LMS. They are clunky, have poorly designed UX (some are still in Flash even), and the effort to get student work back to the campus LMS is frustrating.

      Instead of building their own systems, publishers should work on making packages to import into the instructor's own university-supported LMS.

    3. the textbook would not give them any advantages in their work for the course, so they did not feel compelled to spend money on the textbook

      I've made this decision countless times in undergrad!