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  1. Oct 2016
    1. Compared with the divers, the thrivers planned to study three additional hours a week, on average.

      This could be because "divers" assume that they are smart enough as is and can keep their high school study habits. They got comfortable in high school study methods and don't strive to go farther than that.

    2. divers were more likely to use words like “tough,” “man” and “rich.”

      Do these people not work as hard because they feel they shouldn't have to?

    1. Persistent stereotypes

      Will there ever be a way to rid the world of destructive and harmful stereotypes, especially in the digital realm? Stereotypes are, unfortunately, alive and well in society, and if it's stereotypes that keep surveillance going it seems as though surveillance will always be prevalent in society.

    2. We need to move away our fixation on privacy and towards a future based on digital human rights.

      How can we do this when there are people who hold the ideals of Sherry Turkle and say that technology is holding us back or even destroying us?

    3. African Americans will temporarily block white Facebook friends so that they can have “open, honest discussions” about race with black friends.

      Does this occur because some people refuse to acknowledge that there are still race problems in the world?

    4. Big Brother is watching us, not you.

      It is easier to observe groups of people and communities that all have a similar goal.