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  1. Jan 2018
    1. Why does Verheugen not want to testify? Is there an expiration date on one's responsibility?

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    1. Journalismus

      Improving the news media, day by day

    2. Here is my annotation.

    1. regu-lation of domestic markets should not be cut back in favor of international competitiveness

      We want to keep our regulation!

  2. Oct 2017
    1. Zukunft im Digitalen Journalismus

      Good Morning Pam! I never asked you "How is your German?" ;-)

  3. Sep 2017
  4. ec2-35-157-46-222.eu-central-1.compute.amazonaws.com:3000 ec2-35-157-46-222.eu-central-1.compute.amazonaws.com:3000
    1. easures agreedbetween the European Commission and Member Statesin October this year. For the sake of our health and importantlyto restore trust amongst consu

      "restore trust among consumers" sounds nice.

  5. May 2017
    1. Suche geekige Gefährtin mit Ausdauer für schöne Rennradtouren ab 100km (m/49)


      Tolles Konzept, Hypothesis, funktioniert für sich schnell verändernde Seiten wie die SPON-Homepage nicht soooo gut.

  6. Dec 2016
    1. Dimensions:

      We have to ask again on July 1st at the latest.

    2. He seems to want to hide behind the current Commission. But he was the go-to-guy for the german car lobby in those years.

  7. Nov 2016
    1. Diese Seite ist eine blöde Seite.

    2. Thank you for making it part of your world.

      We are the World ....