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  1. Oct 2015
    1. “Red Dead Redemption,”

      Nice to see the nod to video games here. See also: massive multiplayer rpgs. For that matter, tabletop RPGs are hypertext, too, and include the ephemeral nature (vaporware) of early e-lit..!

    1. Even after the Web, many early self-published web works are no longer available, either because the website has not been maintained, because the domain has lapsed or because the software or the web browser required to view the work is not compatible with current systems. It is true that in 2012, even Eastgate’s works from the early 1990s no longer work on contemporary computers, although they have certainly had far greater durability than  most other works of that period.

      Should eventual obsolescence be considered a factor in defining electronic literature?

      Should future-proofing a concern? We can still read texts from the dawn of written language, but we can't read e-lit from fifty years ago. Is that a bug, or a feature..? Should e-lit be the Snapchat of literature..?

      Just throwing it out there.

    2. The WELL

      Fascinating that the WELL sprang from the same folks who brought us the Whole Earth Catalog, which was created in print in the most primitive fashion possible: a typewriter and a Polaroid camera...

    3. Colossal Cave Adventure

      I have a vague memory of "playing" this!

    1. works with important literary aspects

      Troubling right from the start. Define "important literary aspects."