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  1. Sep 2019
    1. There is a real problem with the elite privates and flagship publics in not serving as many low-income students as they should,”

      there are many problems with elite schools not serving as may low income students as they should is a statement i agree with low income is directly associated with minority because the vast majority of lower income people as compared to weathlier people are minority. many minority students arent even exposed to ivy league because the idea itself seems out of reach resources arent even provided in lower income neighborhoods that home many low income families.

    2. Most Baruch graduates, he added, are making more money than their parents as soon as they start their first post-college job.

      I find it interesting that the texts says most people make more money then their parents did when inflation and job discription wasnt taken into consideration when talking about the lower/ middle class I am skeptical about this article because i feel it didnt take it account first generation students or students of color because there are alot of other things that come into factor.