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  1. Sep 2019
    1. After every test, every paper, every major problem set, ask yourself: what worked and what could I do to be better (and faster) the next time around?

      This statement stood out to me because this is a good mindset to have in life when anything can be overwhelming. A lot of people tend be pessimistic when unwanted situations occur, so, having this growth mindset can help clear negativity from your head.

    2. foundation needed to build intelligent plans and it eliminates the toxic stress generated by disorganization.

      The part where it states "it eliminates the toxic stress generated by disorganization" stood out to me because I found this true. When I'm disorganized, I get stressed out because assignments would be everywhere or I forgot to write down the due dates and there would just be immense panic. But, the times that I am organized I find myself at ease and I feel like my life is out together.

    1. This whole thing was your idea, remember?” she said.

      This statement stood out to me because this is also what my mom told me when I told her all my hardships at school. I understand that she didn't mean it negatively, she is reminding me that it was partially my choice but it was also her that encouraged me to go.

    2. I started crying harder, my hand over the receiver.

      I really relate to this statement because I come from San Diego which is about an 8 hour drive to SF. It was hectic coming up here to SF State while still being on the waiting list for housing. Thankfully I found a place to stay at with the first friend and roommate I met her in SF. But when my mom and my relatives left me by myself it actually didn't hit me that I was alone until I when I had to keep calling them. My spring semester of freshman year was really hard for me emotionally and I remember crying to my mom like that on the phone. It really is hard living away from your family for a long time, especially when you live far and can't visit them that often.

    1. Filling out financial aid forms can be a nightmare, especially when parents don’t speak English

      I relate to this statement because my parents do not speak English that well. When I had to file FAFSA for the first time I had to do majority of it myself because my mom could not understand what the form is trying to say.

    2. How much first-gen status really matters for college admissions is unclear.

      I found this comment interesting because where I'm from, they would always talk about the benefits of being a first generation student. I guess it's different for different schools.

    1. engagement of its studen

      The school relies on the students work ethic and their involvement of the school.

    1. San Francisco State University honors roots, stimulates intellectual and personal development, promotes equity, and inspires the courage to lead, create, and innovate.

      This statement stood out to me because these are all the values I wanted in a school as person who wants to learn more about my roots. I like to believe that the school does inspire to lead and create because of all the student-run organizations/clubs that is offered.

    1. heavy studiers tended to memorize, while effortless students made connections between ideas.

      I found this statement interesting because I would ask my friends who tend to get good grades and this is the same tip they told me. They tried to make connections to the information in order to understand it and process it. When you form some sort of attachment to the information, it is easier to recall it when needed, thus, easier to study.

    1. Graduates are also happier and healthier

      This quote stood out to me because this is the mindset I'm trying using to push myself. I actually didn't want to go to college in the first place because I already burnt my self out in high school and I thought I wasn't going to get accepted to any colleges because of my grades. My mom was the one who pushed me to continue my education and she let me live my life out here in SF. I want to live happy and healthy so that's why I'm working towards my degree.

    2. debt but no degree

      This quote stood out to me because this is one of many concerns I have while attending college. I questioned myself asking, what if I don't do well in college? Attending college costs a lot of money including the materials needed for each class, dorming or the rent. In the end, the experience varies between people but a majority are still paying off their debt.

    1. people have different abilities, not styles

      This is important to me because some of my teachers would enforce a certain learning style to the class and obviously, some people in the class had a hard time adjusting. Specifically, one of my friends had to ask me for help because she couldn't understand what was being taught. In that class we taught each other in order to pass.

    2. not only did students not study in ways that seemed to reflect their learning style, those who did tailor their studying to suit their style didn’t do any better on their tests.

      i found this statement interesting because when I was in high school they did teach us to use a style that adapts to your learning style. As a student, I found that most people have different learning styles depending on the subject taught. For example, in biology I would be more on the kinesthetic side of learning because I would need to do it myself in order to learn. When i had dance class, I learned by watching and listening to the music in comparison to people who learn with counts.