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  1. Jul 2020
    1. However, when considering more recent data on rapid-transit systems in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York, those making above $75,000 a year made up a significant portion of rail transit riders, likely due to the concentration of wealth surrounding central rapid-transit stations. (Schweitzer, 2017).However, those who rode the bus for some part of their journey did not show this same trend.

      Buses and wealth

    2. Ramos-Santiago(2018)showed that local and feeder bus accounted for roughly a third of all rapid-transit passenger’s station access

      " . . . mode in the LA area"

      Bus feeders typically indicate necessity in the use of public transit rather than convenience, the difference is highlighted in the income of who can afford to do what.

    1. The difference between the North American and European models is where these firms are likely to locate.


    1. Skeptics say BRT has its merits, but it's a poor substitute for the more extensive rail system they believe the region needs. They say BRT lines might get people from Point A to Point B but won't encourage the kind of walkable development that could truly transform Atlanta's car-centric commuting patterns.

      BS. Who cares.

    1. Gwinnett is planning a referendum in March 2019 to see if residents want to join

      Needs to be updated

  2. Feb 2020
    1. This item is somehow parallel to Roxana's case when it comes to relationships between men and women in the 19th century; while men remain as "powerful" figures, women are usually in the position of a servant, as people who provides a service for men's pleasures.

      Rather than an expression of patriarchal domination, doesn't this painting more slanderous, probably French propaganda implying that English soldiers are such losers that they get vain drunk off the flattery of whores? Kinda made me chuckle, honestly.

  3. Oct 2019
    1. black Americans have been making rapid progress along most important dimensions of well-being since the turn of the millennium.

      testing annotatioins