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  1. Oct 2016
    1. . One of the distinct pleasures in Pixar’s films is the pleasure of seeing the deepest of human struggles, timeless philosophical questions projected in and through remote forms of representation.

      one of the pleasures of pixar movies

    2. Pixar habitually leaves behind the playful in its adult address and gives sustained attention to dark musings traditionally minimized in the G-rated

      giving attention to what would over wise in other "childrens movies" be minimized

    3. Pixar’s stories are original (not recycled or reworked fairy tales) and its technological innovations intro-duce fresh phenomenologies in viewers, pleasurably alienating viewers from the adult subject matter so frequently cen-tralized in the cinema
    4. Pixar realized the diminish-ing value of transient references in the creation of timeless classics and has mined an alternative set of “universal” pleasures.

      Pixar digressed from using short pop culture references to instead using universal interest.