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  1. Jul 2021
  2. Oct 2019
    1. Here we present a novel dataset of 19 high-coverage genomes that, together with 2 previously published genomes, encompass all extant penguin species.

      More information on the usefulness of this rich dataset is available in GigaBlog - http://gigasciencejournal.com/blog/penguin-genome/

    2. Taonga

      Taonga - Maori word for "treasure" - an object or natural resouce that is highly prized.

  3. Nov 2016
    1. Jing-Ke WENG

      Not talking about CRISPR - trained as plant biologist. Plants have to adapt to environments using unique strategies through chemistry. Analysing 1000s of plant tisses using HT mass spec. Plants natural products in everyday life - spices, coffee etc. and also used in mainstream medicine.

      Focusing on the evolutionary assembly of specialized metabolic pathways - going to highlight how to tackle vastly unknown specialized metabolism.

      Utilizing multi-omics approach - developing workflow to study very specialized traits in non-model eukaryotes. Doing fine sampling - roots, stems, flowers, etc. --> RNA-seq and high-resolution metabolomics. Then using bioinformatics to correlate molecular of interest with genes in transcriptomic database. Then clone genes.

      Then - transplant the whole pathway into a different ecosystem to obtain high value natural products.

      Polynesia - Kava kava plant (related to black pepper). Special plant to polynesia. Prepare tea from plant root . Why is this a special plant? Has Kacalactones, flavokaans and Alkaloids .

      Bio-luminescence and systems in nature - stable isotope assisted metabolomics (SIAM) as a tool for deciphering luciferin biosynthesis.

      Crowd funding - firefly genome project.

    2. Jun WU

      Jun Wu (Salk Institute) - Topic on Genome Editing - Homology Independent targeted Integration. Is a stem cell biologist. Problem - loss of function mutations - treatment strategy is by gene therapy. Most common is viral-mediated gene replacement but lots of issues with this e.g. copy number, insertional mutagenesis and immune reactions. What is better is site-specific transgene integration (HDR) - homology directed repair. But has low efficiency and is not applicable to non-dividing cells.

      NHEJ (G0, G1, S, G2, M phases) vs. HDR (mostly active in S-G2 cell cycle phase).

      HITI - introduces a donor plasmid with a guide RNA sequence. Inserted in reverse direction.

    3. LUO - also interested in epigenome editing - targeted DNA methylation by dCAS9 methyltransfereases (CRISPRme) - WG bisulfite sequencing reveals novel off-target characteristics of CRISPRme.

    4. LUO using CRISPR genome editing for regenerative research/ applications. Has shown that chromatin structure can affect genome editing activities. Gene editing activity of CRISPR-Cas9 correlated with secondary structure of gRNA guide sequences.

  4. Apr 2016