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  1. Jan 2017
    1. turned off the alarms

      alarms of holding yourself accountable, partly through holding yourself accountable to other people. Generally you have to figure out your external checks

  2. Nov 2016
    1. culture

      Slavery to the cultural values and the metaphor of the closet. Metaphors for isolationism and escapism from oneself through one's public image, obsessing over image to define your morality and state for yourself and others through it.

    2. voluntarist and materialist accounts: the addict is seen as a weak-willed person who must get some purchase on his or her own life and as a patient who must be treated

      competing frameworks of understanding the characters

    1. 297 warring energies: He can't make up his mind because he is mentally incapable of it. Making up his mind raging against his choices (and condition) deepens his self-pity and isolation, acutely sharpening his awareness of himself and the destructive reality he's created, which he flees into oblivion from.

    2. Consciousness and Temptaion: How this framework misses the the deeper interpretation of intensifying one's own personality, remaining beneath your own surface but diving deep (which DG avoids like all addicts by craving the shallowness of comfort and image and self understanding through one's own image). This is misguided because it heralds will and choice as the guide of DG life, but there is a deeper psychological structure that mere will and self-knowledge, without any other help drives him deeper into his problem and isolation.

    1. lobbying on behalf of a foreign government

      Not a terrible idea but there'll be lobbyist backlash

    2. a requirement that for every new federal regulation, two existing regulations must be eliminated;

      What? What a stupid and unenforceable requirement. What would that even look like besides him yelling at people to make it so?

    3. propose a Constitutional Amendment

      His first act is "amend the constitution." Wow....

    4. encourage infrastructure investment

      That's it? Encourage it.. He should dump all his wall ideas and impetus into infrastructure

    5. restoring rule of law

      Scary but he might mean it genuinely..

    6. imposing term limits on Congress

      Actually a pretty good idea. Then we get out of the career politician trap where they just get better at being elected and wield their incumbency.

    1. Icelandic bank bonds during that country’s financial crisis

      Why bank bonds?

    2. hidden influence

      So they also use it to funnel money into real companies for "services" they never receive disguising the real influence they're buying. They probably have to set up relevant paper companies though so look at industries the government (kremlin in particular) care about influencing and scrupulize relevant companies.

    3. 15,600 paper companies

      Why aren't these paper companies suspicious or are hard to trace? How do they do it?

    4. failed to follow legal requirements that they make sure their clients are not involved in criminal enterprises, tax dodging or political corruption.

      So they're just allowing this to happen. Even if you shut these guys down with harsh sanctions against specific jurisdictions and bring them under the rule of the legal requirements, someone else will be getting this money, willing to not give a fuck what their clients are doing

    5. associates of Russian President Vladimir Putin secretly shuffled as much as $2 billion through banks and shadow companies

      How much of this was enabled by his playing prime minister?

  3. Oct 2016
    1. ower generators must buy all their allowances: experience shows that they have been able to pass on the notional cost of allowances to customers even when they received them for free.

      How do they pass the costs on to the consumers? Do the consumers have an alternative or is this industry (power generators) wide? What costs will they pass on for low-carbon innovation?

    2. A separate cap applies to the aviation sector: for the whole 2013-2020 trading period, this is 5% below the average annual level of emissions in the years 2004-2006

      Where's the low-carbon innovation for the aviation sector? Especially with the EU and America's massive subsidies, why aren't they directing these subsidies their way through this innovation?

    1. came creeping

      Personification: Allows the yellowness of the scene to spread more organically. Alliteration: Slight tempo uptick with mostly stressed syllables to contrast to the slow movement, denotatively present in creeping, yet felt in "down" and the dactyl continuation. Further contrasted with the caesura making the reader wait for "till" so signal a destination.

    2. chill and cold

      Alliteration, denotatively repetitive. What is chilled or cold? Is it the scene now that it has been lost with the barge? Is it the wharf, barge or the narrator? The sentence starts and ends abruptly; this aposiopesis delivers the chill as deep organic imagery because it compels the reader to seek the narrator's reticent mind. This reticence resonates with the reader and - not finding satisfying content from the narrator's mind - directs them deeper into the scene. As the only stanza to end in an enjambment, this desire connects the reader substantially with the other witnesses of the scene through

    3. roofs and sang

      Euphony in the many vowels and inherently musical quality of the song.

    4. town

      abba stanza structure keeps the reader focused on the bigger picture as it harkens to the first line. Notable in the second stanza as the content culminates in the town, recalling that filling through the movement of the town's expanding color imagery

    5. suddenly

      Tempo shift through the denotation. The change is first shown with the use of then, marking a shift, but suddenly reiterates the change; the quick combo turns change into general stir and the world is released from its stagnant picture. More rapid stanza because it is more punctuated making the events feel simultaneous. How else is this accomplished? Then suddenly is very active and contrasts the continued past tense exhibition of the scene; the moderating past tense is tempered with the edifying "arose" and the engagingly onomatopoetic "clang," releasing the reader into a swirl of experiences flooding the scene.

    6. bridges

      Echoes the connections of experience that the harmony and hay prepared the reader for; the yellow imposed on the shared connections overlooking the central Thames engages the audience similarly to music.

    7. hay

      Hay is comprised of wildly varying plants all cut and dried for the same condition, meant for animal fodder. Hay is symbolic for the constantly recurring and withering commonalities of life that demands repurposing; it is fed back into the system and here it is transitory on the disappearing barge.

    8. ochre-coloured

      This is a yellow natural earth pigment used in 3rd century pottery describing the barge's hay. The yellow is consistent with the flavor of the scene. The natural earth description calls to thought the cycle of life. The assonance of the word's 'O's supports the internalizing consumption characteristic of the cycle of life.

    9. : and

      caesura and perhaps unnecessary conjunction allows the reader to disconnect from the sights of the disappearing barge and project the coldness on to the scene writ large.

    10. Harmony in grey

      Harmony found in a single color yet only the most variable within itself. Shows the depth of the still moment; Harmony, capitalized, emphasizes the life of the moment and its accessibility. The stillness of the moment allows all people who are captivated by that moment, the reader in particular, to unhurriedly digest it.

    11. nocturne of blue and gold

      Synesthesia: implicit auditory image prepared but filled with visual imagery of colors. What is the importance of colors generally? Are colors inherently emotional in the same way as music is? For the nocturne to exist, the colors have to be boldly contrasting to each other

    12. clang


    13. Flew to the glistening roofs and sang.

      The poem captures the moment of transition of the night into day. The bird is overjoyed in his musical expression. In line with how all art should aspire to the condition of music. Can't have the full musical quality without the bird and town's auditory imagery.

    14. shadows

      Does it cast shadows of change the wall to a shadowy wall? Does this make it more inclusive because the walls aren't opaque anymore or does the shadow hide the perspective of others from the narrator?

    15. yellow

      What is the function of the yellow and the shadows its embodying fog casts? Does the yellow overtake the bridges? Is the carrying fog the notes of the music?

    16. Changed

      How does this past tense heighten the preciousness of the moment? Dropt from the wharf shows the disappearance of the ship and creates a longing reiterated in the alliteration of chill and cold

    1. Intrusive nonsense sounds, music, words. Certain songs will be repeated over and over in the mind.

      Songs are very frequent and have largely replaced the need for churning on words.

    2. Rewording or rewriting words or phrases.

      This is my "refinery."

    3. repeat doing an action until it feels "Just Right"

      Particularly striking a crack with the space my toes meet the body of the foot, even though it seems unlikely there is any feeling difference since it's the absence of space and not interacting with anything extra-physical.

    4. take away items that may hurt others

      Hurting them often includes just having to do the work, make that sacrifice to correct it. Sometimes I do it because I know they won't and I still want it done in the end.

    1. make them feel less real and less threatening

      I always avoided letting people see my real thoughts because I thought it would make them more real. But they were already overly real for me and I needed to see them HONESTLY

    1. Bullied

      Bullied by themselves? Bullied by the omnipresent threats? Bullied by a need to perform their safety seeking behavior and the logical split of their mind telling them how irrational the root of all you can think about is?

    2. proportional to a person’s perception of danger and risk

      All I saw as a kid was how much could go wrong. I was the problem solver and I watched everyone get crash into constant challenges and each other particularly. I was/am directed at maintaining harmony.

    1. Novelty is to them a luxury verging on a necessity.

      Novelty is the ideal of the aristocracy and the weaponized conclusion of their optimism

    2. The essential element is not so much duration as security.

      Security that you can challenge the other side honestly and press until a decision versus not challenging the state of the chicken so that it can endlessly produce evolutionarily stagnant eggs

    3. It means that every man should have something that he can shape in his own image, as he is shaped in the image of heaven

      Reasoning of Vivian (Decay of Lying) noting indoor life as the wellspring of egoism and idealism aimed towards raising the world through human creation.

    4. rigid and steely sanity, a resolution not to listen to fads

      And as all creeds grow into less clear prejudices, all generally opposed beliefs become fads which condition ourselves to resoundingly not listen to (not just reject).

    5. healthy bigotry is the only way in which one can meet a tendency.

      The decline into uncompromising prejudice

    6. There are two things, and two things only, for the human mind, a dogma and a prejudice.

      Fanatic faith in your belief (necessarily fueled by optimism) versus fanatic distrust?

    7. evil passions

      ironic display of new hypocrite

    8. Now this sort of pliability does not merely prevent any heroic consistency, it also prevents any really practical compromise.

      Requires uncompromising idealism in all to find the ideals of society, which makes natural sense. I'm sure there's a Wilde argument paralleling this collective individualism for the sake of idealism.

    9. Similar applications of the fallacy are made by those who see in the increasing size of national possessions, a simple increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.

      The fallacy of exceptionalism through perceived combined achievement wrought by not more than cultural lines.

    10. we only think of the chickens as things that will lay more eggs

      "The egg only exists to produce the chicken" and all subsequent eggs dutifully hatch a potential new version of the chicken that we should always be searching for. This still directs the search towards the chicken as the ideal and the egg a hopeful machine, not an "equal cosmic occurrence"

    11. An act can only be successful or unsuccessful when it is over; if it is to begin, it must be, in the abstract, right or wrong.

      Efficiency sees the chicken as only producing another egg and seeks to make that happen, successfully, repeatingly, without developing the chicken except to make it better at producing the egg.

  4. May 2016
    1. fears not

      by creating fear surrounding differentiated opinions of what might be done better, we have secured what it means to be noble, and fidelity is restricted to devotion to nobility or appearances of it.

  5. Apr 2016
    1. the Best Interest Contract Exemption enables fiduciary advisers to receive variable and indirect compensation such as commissions, 12(b)-1 fees, and revenue sharing, subject to protective conditions including an enforceable obligation to act in investors’ best interest and institutional policies and procedures to mitigate adviser conflicts

      How this doesn't horribly impact the bottom line of those who are now stamped with fiduciary status

    2. recommendations made to fiduciaries with financial expertise

      Those with expertise are expected to protect themselves and it is reasonable that those without aren't

    3. The rule covers: recommendations by a person who represents or acknowledges that they are acting as a fiduciary within the meaning of the Act or the Code; advice rendered pursuant to a written or verbal agreement, arrangement, or understanding that the advice is based on the particular investment needs of the advice recipient; and advice directed to a specific advice recipient or recipients regarding the advisability of a particular investment or management decision with respect to securities or other investment property of the plan or IRA. Under the final rule, a “recommendation” is a communication that, based on its content, context, and presentation, would reasonably be viewed as a suggestion that the advice recipient engage in or refrain from taking a particular course of action

      What the rule does straight from the DOL. How they abolish the fine print bullshit highlighted above in the last line is noteworthy

    4. The Department’s analysis concluded that its 2015 Proposal would produce gains for IRA and plan investors, comprising social welfare improvements and transfers to investors from the financial industry that together would easily justify associated compliance costs

      Ethical reasoning

    5. pursue financial strategies closely tailored to their unique circumstances – but also sows confusion and the potential for very costly mistakes

      Reason fiduciaries are needed, because consumers cannot navigate all of these decisions themselves.

    6. Financial products are increasingly varied and complex

      Reason fiduciaries are needed, because consumers cannot navigate all of these decisions themselves.

    7. By using the term “adviser,” the Department does not intend to limit its use to investment advisers registered under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 (Advisers Act) or under state law. For example, as used herein, an adviser can be, among other things, a representative of a registered investment adviser, a bank or similar financial institution, an insurance company, or a broker-dealer.

      Expanded the scope of the institutions not just the interactions

    8. adequate consumer protections

      Primary focus of the laws

    9. fiduciaries are personally liable for plan losses stemming from breach of these duties, and under the IRC, both plan and IRA fiduciaries are liable for excise taxes when they engage in prohibited transactions


    10. In order to limit or mitigate conflicts of interest and thereby improve retirement security, the Department of Labor (the Department or DOL) is issuing a final rule that will attach fiduciary status to more of the advice rendered to plan officials, plan participants, and beneficiaries (plan investors) and IRA investors.

      Heart of why they did this. We can derive the main ethical questions of the industry from what they sought to correct

    11. ERISA requires fiduciary advisers to plan investors to manage plan assets prudently and with undivided loyalty to the plan’s participants and beneficiaries.

      What it means to be a fiduciary

  6. Mar 2016
    1. Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink.


    2. The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, The furrow followed free; We were the first that ever burst Into that silent sea.

      Original sin and kicking out of the Garden of eden.

    3. The souls did from their bodies fly,— They fled to bliss or woe! And every soul, it passed me by, Like the whizz of my cross-bow!

      pretribulation rapture

    4. With my cross-bow I shot the ALBATROSS.

      Why? Senseless violence against innocence. Jesus Christ

    1. uniformity of their occupations produces a craving for extraordinary incident

      Systematizing behaviors as the destruction of man

  7. Dec 2015
    1. “to create a new language, one capable of communicating the African heritage” (83)

      Negritude is like a language; it is full of the heritage of the people for whom it is created. Even Fanon could not oppose such an elegant solution.

    2. However, harmonies dissolve when one voice demands strict and unflinching unison

      This consequence of rigidity, which Senghor recognizes has occurred after the demanding "unification" of colonialism, scares Fanon as a possible outcome of Negritude

    3. White narratives of “blackness” and the “black essence” in no way reflect necessary realities or givens; rather, they are contingent inventions capable of re-invention.

      These "contingent inventions" only exist because of the contemporary stage of colonialism Fanon was experiencing. This is the most lastingly generous Fanon is to the negritude movement when looking at the whole of his argument.

    4. the colonized (black) person, given the socio-political imbalances and prejudices built into the very fabric of colonial society, has a world differently than his or her white counterparts

      There are most definitely consistencies in the black experiences in the colonial and post-colonial world, suggesting the validity of negritude

    5. local

      Fanon says that most of his philosophy is only applicable to the French Antilles. He is a strong believer in the individual and the local. Even if broad unification - Negritude - is effective, it can at least be said that Fanon's focus is in individual resistance. He asserts the black person's freedom and agency to determine their level of acceptance of the imposed white masks.

    6. Fanon rejects vehemently the claim that human freedom and the power to resist is extinguished even in systemic oppressive social contexts such as those in which colonized and enslaved persons dwelt. Although constrained and severely limited, the oppressed retain the ability to choose, to act as a free agent, and to resist and (re)configure their subjectivity. Fanon’s insistence on this point has political, ethical, and philosophical import, as it highlights the fact that the colonized, enslaved, or otherwise subjugated and exploited person is not a mere thing determined from the outside.

      Makes sense in the historical context of a pivotal point the formation of the postcolonial future.