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  1. Oct 2016
    1. Local neurons

      Will try and look more at this section. Again, total amateur using this as a form of procrastination.

    2. On a theoretical level

      This looks like the paragraph that describes thinking in areas that are closest to the work that you described in our tour - described also in the poster/slide deck. When I look at work like this (all of which is over my head) what is pleasing is that more powerful tools are likely to result in models with testable results that should require far fewer experiments. Hope I am right here - one hopes that richer models not only internally eliminate certain kinds of distinctions drawn from simpler models.

    1. If you’re white, you don’t usually need to worry about being monitored by the police.

      Interesting. That NYPD surveillance tower on Pitt Street. Will append sanitized photo at some point. Sad because so many children coming from the Masyrk and Brandeis communities cross Pitt on their way to school.