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  1. Nov 2017
    1. 8.4.15           Information Structure Viewpoint

      Designing - Detail

    2. 8.4.12           Infrastructure Viewpoint

      Designing - Detail

    3. 8.4.10           Application Structure Viewpoint

      Designing - Detail

    4. 8.4.5              Business Process Viewpoint

      Designing - Detail

    5. Coherence

      With Desiging

    6. Details

      With Designing

    7. Designing

      Desgin With Coherence and Details

    8. Coherence

      most prominent one as it gives most layers and most aspects of the system

    9. goal of this classification

      assist architects and others find suitable viewpoints given their task at hand; i.e., the purpose that a view must serve and the content it should display.

    10. Informing

      Can be an option but further analysis is required.

    11. Deciding

      Not so good option as it is assitance for deciding rather than designing the whole system

    12. view is what you see

      Difference Between View and Viewpoint

    13. viewpoint is where you are looking from

      Difference Between View and View point

    1. An architecture is typically developed because key people have concerns that need to be addressed by the business and IT systems within the organization. Such people are commonly referred to as the “stakeholders” in the system. The role of the architect is to address these concerns, by identifying and refining the requirements that the stakeholders have, developing views of the architecture that show how the concerns and the requirements are going to be addressed, and by showing the trade-offs that are going to be made in reconciling the potentially conflicting concerns of different stakeholders.

      Propose of Archimate

    2. The role of the ArchiMate standard is to provide a graphical language for the representation of enterprise architectures over time (i.e., including transformation and migration planning), as well as their motivation and rationale. The evolution of the standard is closely linked to the developments of the TOGAF standard and the emerging results from The Open Group forums and work groups active in this area.