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  1. Oct 2021
    1. I think we might need a bit more room for the bios of individuals. Seems like there will be room for more words in each line? Copy wise the length should be medium. Right now we like Constantine's bio. Is this doable in terms of layout. See below: Constantine is among the most respected legal voices in privacy, a frequent speaker at industry events, a trainer of literally hundreds of privacy professionals, and trusted counsel to organizations around the world. In two decades of experience, he has served any number of privacy roles, from Chief Privacy Officer at Mercer to VP at original privacy tech and research firm Nymity to in-demand consultant and privacy lead at PwC. At Divebell, he leads efforts to make sure our tool’s capabilities match the needs of privacy and compliance professionals and the imperatives of new global regulations.

    2. I assume the top part is for a short paragraph

    1. After company, the top nav is Contact Us....and then book a demo is somewhat removed to the right then?

      1. Can you see if we can do a left right layout for these two. Therefore deep automation text on the left hand side and image on the right for instance. And then you scroll down and go to the next one - single source of truth for everyone
      2. If we do left to right as suggested, then how many sentences are we looking at approximately. 6-7 lines?
    2. We do not need images here. you can use some kind of icon if you wish. But this is largely text. Also FYI this section might need a headline. Such as summary overview - tbd.

    3. a) We need not have 4 banners. Just one overarching banner of the product. Learn more can be an anchor link to the capabilities listed in section 3. And below each is a product link, so the journey is good. Product is also there in top nav