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  1. Dec 2016
    1. recently referred to as Evidence Informed Practice,1

      Dear authors, editors and readers,

      It is to mention that the expression "Evidence-Informed Practice" is far from being recent. Glasziou used it in 2005 with reference to a previous paper by Schriger, published in 2000, 16 years ago (although Glasziou made a mistake: the paper was not published in 1993).

      Here are the references : Glasziou, P. (2005). Evidence based medicine: does it make a difference? British Medical Journal, 330(7482), 92.doi: 10.1136/bmj.330.7482.92-a Schriger, D. L. (2000). One is the loneliest number: Be skeptical of evidence summaries based on limited literature reviews. Annals of Emergency Medicine, 36(5), 517–519. doi.org/10.1067/mem.2000.110997

      All the best,

      Nicolas K.

  2. Sep 2015