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  1. Oct 2019
    1. However, it is unclear which affordances are unique to games as well as which psychological outcomes can be strictly considered to stem from games. From the perspective of these definitions, there is room for a large variety of studies that could be framed as gamification. Therefore, one goal of this review is to explore what the actual empirical works on gamification have been studying as motivational affordances and psychological outcomes (as well as behavioral outcomes).

      Further refining motivations

    2. there is a dearth of coherent understanding on what kind of studies have been conducted under the term gamification, with which methods, what kinds of results they yield, and under which circumstances.

      Arguing for need to synthesize

    3. The popular interest in gamification is also reflected in an academic context: the number of papers published on gamification is growing.

      Motivation is frequency / overall number of publications.

    4. gamification provides positive effects, however, the effects are greatly dependent on the context in which the gamification is being implemented, as well as on the users using it


    1. In addition, on an aggregate level, we gain a sense of how findings across studies complement each other at different phases of the logic model – e.g. research that sheds light on usage patterns


    2. The objective of the literature review was tofind out:

      Research Questions

  2. Aug 2018
    1. hand-offs, human augmentation, and oversight are valuable and necessary

      Descriptions of how harm is ameliorated through technical means.

  3. Jul 2018
    1. When Arthur Schlesinger was asked by The New York Times in November, 1965, to explain the contradiction between his published account of the Bay of Pigs incident and the story he had given the press at the time of the attack, he simply remarked that he had lied
    2. truth is the revelation of that which makes a people certain, clear, and strong in its action and knowledge

      Source: http://la.utexas.edu/users/hcleaver/330T/350kPEEHeideggerTractsTable.pdf

      The full paragraph reads

      "What sort of event is this then? The nation is winning back the truth of its will to existence, for truth is the revelation of that which makes a people confident, lucid, and strong in its actions and knowledge. The genuine will to know arises from such truth. And this will to know circumscribes the right to know. And from there, finally, the limits are measured out within which genuine questioning and research must legitimize and prove themselves. Such is the origin of Wissenschaft, which is constrained by the necessity of self-responsible v őlkisch existence. Wissenschaft is thus the passion to educate that has been restrained by this necessity, the passion to want to know in order to make knowing. To be knowing, however, means to be master of things in clarity and to be resolved to action."

  4. Nov 2016
    1. They are therefore purely extensional entities constrained by the axiom of extensionality, common to all standard set theories. As a consequence, strings have all of their non-relational properties essentially and cannot be altered or modified in any way.

      Essential thesis - documents are strings

  5. Sep 2016
    1. It is time to think seriously about how the algorithmi-cally informed decisions now driving large swaths of society should be ac-countable to the public
    2. This bit of infor-mation, together with recent research showing biased search results can shift the voting preferences of undecided voters,10 points to the need to start asking questions about the degree to which such curation and ranking sys-tems can affect democratic processes

      Algorithmic accountability