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  1. Oct 2021
    1. Even when they could talk about them, they often had the details confused.

      If the persona is succesfully achieved it should complete a role as a narrative driven communication tool. This aspect is shared by other personifications concepts from other disciplines, such as literature or acting. I think that a well executed persona will have a whole character, feelings, temperament and habits that will surpass a pretended "individualism" and will become also a base of knowledge that will certainly pop up later.

    1. The more comfortable a participant feels, the more and better information you will get

      Don't let the person feel judged and maybe become a figure more close to a confident?

    2. Allow pauses to let the story through. Silence is uncomfortable. Get used to it and don’t rush to fill gaps in the flow of conversation. You want your subject to do that.

      It pushes the person into the spontaneity. For spontaneity it's good to build up confidence on the interviewee and humor (?)

    3. “Oh, you live in San Diego. What do you like to do for fun there?”

      Treat the interviewee as a person. Not having a "mine" to extract information, but a person with genuine feelings, thoughts, problems and with a life overall.

    1. UX is now "user exploitation."

      As a student in the new generation of UX designers i've been more sensible to these matters but i do see signs of alternative behaviors emerging (the right to repair, for example) which could benefit hugely from our discipline methods and learnings.